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Caring For The Health & Well Being Of Family.

Medcity has been present in Europe since 1990, offering innovative solutions, specializing in medical services for treatment of medical infrastructure.

We Specialize in Connecting Talent to Career Opportunities

At Amy Medical Staffing, we work with an aim to fill the staffing shortages in the healthcare system to ensure quality care to every patient. Our work is two-way facilitation. We provide healthcare facilities with highly qualified and skilled staffing while also helping those seeking jobs build their careers in reputable institutions.
Over the years, we have built our reputation with our quality service and commitment to inclusiveness. Our remarkable struggle to expand our services across Massachusetts has resulted in a vast network of qualified staffing and top-notch institutions. Thus, when you work with us, you can expect nothing but perfection.

Connecting Professionals To Healthcare Settings

We have a solution for all your career needs. Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time job with flexible schedules, we’ll help you get into facilities that treat you with respect and dignity.

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Full-time, Part-time, And Per-Diem Jobs

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Inclusiveness And Diversity

We have maintained excellence through providing consistent quality service with top-of-the-line health care workers for several years. You can trust us for all your staffing needs. Contact Us  

Caring For The Health Of You And Your Family.

We Provide All Aspects Of Medical Practice For Your Whole Family!

We will work with you to develop individualised care plans, including management of chronic diseases. If we cannot assist, we can provide referrals or advice about the type of practitioner you require. We treat all enquiries sensitively and in the strictest confidence.


True Healthcare For Your Family!

Serve the community by improving the quality of life through better health. We have put protocols to protect our patients and staff while continuing to provide medically necessary care.

Meet Our Team

Our administrative and support staff are always ready to help you! Have a look at our amazing team!
Amy Breus

Amy Breus – CEO, BSN

President and Chief Executive Offer

“Amy Breus is President and Chief Executive Officer of Amy Medical Staffing LLC, with nearly 15 years of healthcare experience. She has successfully progressive programs that growth through clinical excellence improved patient outcome and reduced delivery costs, prior to that she was a partner ownership of Amazing Hands of Amazing Hands Home Care LLC staffing agency, where she was a key member of executive team, she also worked with multiple staffing agency and health care facilities. She also holds Bachelor of Nursing from Salem State University. Amy is a high energy individual with a positive outlook love for working with people and drive to build quality relations with those she works with.”

Fikiri Nyenzi

Fikiri Nyenzi – Staffing Manager

Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.

Nadhifah Nyenzi

Nadhifah Nyenzi – RN Manager

When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words.

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